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Administrator's Guide

Chapter 1 Overview of AOLserver
What is AOLserver?
AOLserver Administration Features
Database Services Features
Programming Interface Features
AOLserver Command Line
Chapter 2 New Features in Version 2.3
Major New Features
Configuration and Setup
AOLserver Administration
Database Services

Part 1:
AOLserver Administration

Chapter 3 Configuration
AOLserver Configuration
The Setup Server
Accessing the Setup Server
Using Setup Server Quick Start
Using the Standard Setup Server
Setup Server Tutorials
Configuring the Setup Server
Adding and Configuring a New Virtual Server
Setting a Port or IP Address (nssock module)
Configuring Your System for Multiple IP Addresses
Setting the Location of the Pages Directories
Adding a New Module for an Existing Virtual Server
Configuring Database Services
Configuring Full-Text Capabilities (nstext Module)
Configuring MIME Type Specifications
Configuring URL to File Mappings
Configuration File Structure
Configuration File Reference
The Parameters Section
The MIME Types and MIME Icons Sections
The Setup Server Section
The Servers Sections
Database Drivers and Pools
CGI Interpreters and Environment
SGI IRIX Sproc-Based Threads
Example Configuration Files
Configuration for Multiple Virtual Servers
Configuration for Multiple Database Pools
Configuration for Virtual Hosting
Configuring and Using ATG's Dynamo Server
Configuring and Using the Java Servlet API
Chapter 4 Access Control
AOLserver Access Control
Users and Groups
Add an AOLserver User
Delete an AOLserver User
Change a User's Password
Show and Update Users
Add an AOLserver Group
Change the Users in a Group
Delete a Group
Show and Update Groups
Set a Permission Record on a Page or MiniWeb
Set Permission Records Directly
Delete a Permission Record
Show and Update Permissions
Set Valid Hosts for nsadmin
Define a Method or Method Alias
Delete a Method Alias
Show and Update Method Aliases
Chapter 5 Providing FTP Access
About the nsftp Module
Configuring the nsftp Module
Setup Server Method
Configuration File Method
Using the nsftp Module
The Xferlog Logging System
Chapter 6 Providing Security with SSL
What is SSL?
What Do I Need to Use SSL?
Configuring the Export SSL Module
Using an SSL-Secured Server
Chapter 7 Maintenance
AOLserver Maintenance
Maintain the AOLserver Directories
Back Up the Pages Directory
Synchronize the Pages Directory
Back Up the Access Log
Back Up the Server Log
Back Up the Tcl Scripts Directory
Back Up the bin Directory
Maintain Illustra Databases
Vacuum a Database
Back Up the Database
Restore the Database

Part 2:
Database Services

Chapter 8 Databases and Forms
Databases and AOLserver
Forms and AOLserver
Automatic Forms Generation
Entry and Update Forms
Search Forms
Customize Entry, Update, and Search Forms
Database Services in AOLserver
Add a New Table
Table Customizations
Templates for Forms and Results
Automatic Mail
Column Customizations
Extend a Table
Drop a Table
Search a Table
Enter Data into a Table
Set Table Permissions
Download SQL for Table Definition
Download Table Data
Upload Table Data
Execute SQL
Solid Database
Example Applications
External Database Drivers
Tcl Interface
Developing Database Drivers for AOLserver
Chapter 9 Full Text Features
AOLserver Full Text Features
Search the AOLserver
Customize Full Text Forms
Archive and Restore Pages
Master Index

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