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" in Tcl, T:170
$ in Tcl, T:171
; in Tcl, T:170
[] in Tcl, T:170, T:171
\ in Tcl, T:171
{} in Tcl, T:170
# in Tcl, T:172


AbsMaxToReturn parameter, A:192
Accept header
sending server-parsed HTML source with, G:11
Access checking procedures
registering C functions for, C:3
Access control, A:105
C functions for, C:23
configuration, A:106
small vs. large model, A:83
Tcl functions for, T:34
Tcl scripts for, A:106
version 2.1 features, A:15
see also Groups, Permissions, Users
Access control module. see nsperm module
Access log
backing up, A:141
C functions for, C:28
file name for, A:79
maximum number of, A:79, A:81
rolling, A:80, A:81
Tcl functions for, T:34
version 2.1 features, A:12
writing headers to, A:79
writing referring URL to, A:79
writing user-agent to, A:79
Access log module. see nslog module, nsnlog module
ACME bike parts example application, A:184
Address parameter, A:40, A:81, A:83, A:85
Advanced configuration parameters, A:32
Aliases, for methods, A:127, A:129
Aliasing. see URL to file translations
AllowRoot parameter, A:62
Alpha OSF platform
compiling C code on, C:6
multiple IP addresses for, A:42
threads interface, C:31
append Tcl function, T:174
Archive parameter, A:86, A:195
Archiving, A:189, A:195
enabling, A:86
ArenaFile parameter, A:93
ArenaMktemp parameter, A:93
ArenaSwapFile parameter, A:93
registered operations, C:1, T:1
array Tcl function, T:175
Assets directory, A:67
Assets parameter, A:67
Asynchronous parameter, A:88
AUTH_TYPE environment variable, G:20
AutoClose parameter, A:77
and linked interpreters, T:24
AutoGrow parameter, A:93
AutoIncr input type, A:174
AutoLinking, A:189
Automatic increment, A:174
AutoResv parameter, A:93

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Backslash substitution in Tcl, T:171
access log, A:141
bin directory, A:142
Illustra database, A:143
pages directory, A:139
server log, A:141
Tcl scripts, A:142
Basic configuration parameters, A:32
Basic icon
in setup server, A:32
bin directory
backing up, A:142
Boolean fields
in forms, A:154
in search forms, A:156
Boolean values
in configuration file, A:62
Braces in Tcl, T:170
Brackets in Tcl, T:170, T:171
break Tcl function, T:177
BROWSE method, A:127
Browser type, G:22
Buffer size
setting for sockets, A:84
Bug Tracker example application, A:184

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data structures for, C:17
examples of, C:8, C:305
function categories, C:15
function reference, C:39
using, C:1, C:3, C:5
version 2.1 features, A:16
C modules
creating, C:5
extending AOLserver with, C:3, C:5
Case sensitivity
of headers, A:68
case Tcl function, T:178
Catalog example application, A:184
catch Tcl function, T:179
CatchExceptions parameter, A:62
cd Tcl function, T:180
CertFile parameter, A:85
Certification authority, A:132
Certification file for SSL, A:85, A:132, A:134
CGI, G:13
command line access, G:20
configuration parameters, A:71
configuring, G:15
debugging, G:30
environment for, A:72, A:92
environment variable access, G:20
example configuration file for, A:95
examples, G:30
extensions for, A:72
including results in a page, G:4
input to, G:20
interpreters for, A:91
mappings for, A:72
output from, G:26
programming languages for, G:29
security for, G:29
size of non-parsed headers, A:72
standard input access, G:26
URL specifications for, G:18
using, G:18, G:29
CheckExitCode parameter, A:62
CheckInterval parameter, A:62, A:67
CheckModifiedSince parameter, A:67
Client Tcl debugging, T:30
ClientDebug parameter, A:77, T:30
close Tcl function, T:181
automatic increment for, A:174
boolean, A:154
C functions for, C:38
customizations, A:171
date and time, A:154
default value for, A:172
description of, A:172
display type for, A:174
image URL in, A:174
indexes for, A:171
input type, A:173
input widget for, A:173
mailto address in, A:174
Money display type, A:175
money type, A:174
ordering, A:171
radio field for, A:173
record value in, A:175
selection box for, A:173
SQL for column values, A:173
textarea for, A:173
type checking for, A:154
URL as column value, A:174
Combined log format, A:79
Comma Separated Values. see CSV format
Command line, A:6
examples for, A:7
Command substitution in Tcl, T:171
Comments in Tcl, T:172
Common Gateway Interface. see CGI
Compiling C code, C:5
concat Tcl function, T:182
#config command, G:3
Configuration, A:23
Setup server, A:27
version 2.1 features, A:18
when server startup fails, A:28, A:33
Configuration file
boolean values in, A:62
C functions for, C:27
editing sections of from setup server, A:33
examples of, A:94
parameter reference, A:62
structure of, A:59
Connection Keep-Alive support, A:19
Connection statistics example
in C, C:9, C:324
database, A:19, A:24, A:90, A:91
sockets. see Sockets interface
Connections parameter, A:19, A:48, A:90
Content-encoding header, G:28
CONTENT_LENGTH environment variable, G:21
CONTENT_TYPE environment variable, G:21
Content-type header, G:28
continue Tcl function, T:183
ContinueOnError parameter, A:66
Core functions for Tcl, T:31
Counter example
in C, C:317
CreatMode parameter, A:67
Critical section example
in C, C:333
CSV format
downloading, A:181
uploading, A:182

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Data structures
C functions for, C:17
definition of, A:150
Database columns. see Columns
Database drivers
C example for, C:336
configuring, A:87
loading, A:48
specifying for pool, A:90
see also External database drivers
Database pools. see Pools
Database proxy daemons, A:185
remote, A:187
Database services, A:149, A:157
C functions for, C:35
configuration parameters, A:72
Tcl functions for, T:35
version 2.1 features, A:9, A:14, A:17
see also Columns, Forms, Pools, SQL, Tables
Database tables. see Tables
DataSource parameter, A:48
Datasource parameter, A:90
Datatype checking
in forms, A:154
Date and time fields
in forms, A:154
in search forms, A:156
DATE_GMT variable, G:7
DATE_LOCAL variable, G:7
current, G:7
format in SHTML, G:6
of last file modification, G:5
of last page modification, G:7, G:9
DbPool parameter, A:86
Debug parameter, A:63, A:83, A:85
CGI, G:30
socket connection, A:83
SSL connection, A:85
Tcl, T:30
Tcl by client, A:77
Default parameter, A:73
Default value for column, A:172
DefaultPool parameter, A:50, A:73
Delete forms. see Update forms
DELETE method, A:127
Desctable example
in Tcl, T:277
detach Tcl command, T:24
access control, A:82
assets, A:67
bin, A:142
CGI programs, A:72
for log files, A:81
installation (home), A:63
listings of, A:68
maintenance of, A:139
modules, A:64
pages, A:70, A:139, A:140
Tcl scripts, A:77, A:142
user, A:108
Directory parameter, A:81, A:82
Directory permissions on Unix, A:69
DirectoryFile parameter, A:67
DirectoryListing parameter, A:68
DisableThreadLibraryCalls, A:63
Display type for columns, A:174
extending AOLserver with, C:3, C:5
DNSCache parameter, A:63
DNSCachePurgeInterval parameter, A:63
DNSCacheTimeout parameter, A:63
DOCUMENT_NAME variable, G:7
DOCUMENT_URI variable, G:7
Dollar signs in Tcl, T:171
Double quotes in Tcl, T:170
Downloading SQL for table definition, A:180
Downloading table data, A:181
Driver parameter, A:90
Dynamic Link Library. see DLL

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#echo command, G:3
ElevateAcceptPriority parameter, A:68
sending to value in column, A:174
sending when records inserted, updated, or deleted, A:168
SMTP server for, A:64
webmaster address, A:71
Enabled parameter, A:66
EnableHostnameLookup parameter, A:79, A:83
End-to-end Tcl extension example, T:10
Entry forms, A:153
example of, A:153
form data for, T:22
using, A:154
Entry results
templates for, A:164
Environment for CGI, A:72, A:92
Environment parameter, A:72
Environment variables
accessing from CGI, G:20
including in a page, G:3
eof Tcl function, T:184
error Tcl function, T:185
customized URLs for, A:69, A:70
database, A:91
logging debug messages, A:83, A:85
setup server, A:32, A:33
verbose, A:71, A:91
viewing server log, A:35
see also Server log
eval Tcl function, T:186
C API, C:8, C:305
CGI, G:30
command line, A:7
database applications, A:184
server-parsed HTML, G:8
Tcl API, T:8, T:20, T:267
examples directory, C:305, T:267
#exec command, G:4
exec Tcl function, T:187
exit Tcl function, T:191
Expert icon
in setup server, A:32
Expires header, G:28
expr Tcl function, T:192
ExtendedHeaders parameter, A:79
ExtendedTableInfo parameter, A:90, A:162
External database drivers, A:185
configuring, A:87, A:89, A:186, A:187

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Feature list, A:2
version 2.1, A:9
File location
including in a page, G:7
File name
including in a page, G:7
File parameter, A:79
File permissions on Unix, A:65, A:67
File size
including in a page, G:5
file Tcl function, T:197
FileLocking parameter, A:68
#flastmod command, G:5
flush Tcl function, T:200
FlushContent parameter, A:68
FlushQueue parameter, A:68
adding to pages, G:9
for Tcl function, T:201
ForbiddenResponse parameter, A:68
foreach Tcl function, T:202
Form data, T:19, T:21
operations for managing, A:151
format Tcl function, T:203
Formats for date and time, G:6
Forms, A:151
automatic generation of, A:152
boolean fields in, A:154
customizing, A:156
date and time fields in, A:154
running CGI programs with, G:18
templates for, A:164
type checking in, A:154
URLs for automatically-generated forms, A:152
see also Entry forms, Search forms, Update forms
#fsize command, G:5
Full text, A:189
configuring, A:52
Tcl functions for, T:36
Full text forms
customizing, A:193
templates for, A:194
Full text module. see nstext module

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GATEWAY_INTERFACE environment variable, G:21
Genstory example
in Tcl, T:10, T:270, T:273
GET method, A:127
Getemps example
in Tcl, T:279
gets Tcl function, T:207
Gid parameter, A:63
glob Tcl function, T:208
global Tcl function, T:210
Greenwich Mean Time, G:7
Group name on Unix, A:63
Group number on Unix, A:63
Group parameter, A:63
Groups, A:106
adding, A:113
deleting, A:115
modifying users in, A:114
updating, A:116

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Hash character in Tcl, T:172
HEAD method, A:127
Headercase parameter, A:68
case of, A:68
HTTP, G:27
maximum line length, A:69
maximum size of, A:69
non-parsed, for CGI, A:72
writing to access log, A:79
headers. see HTTP headers
hello Tcl command example
in C, C:332
Hello World example
in C, C:8, C:306
in Tcl, T:8, T:268
for setup server, A:32
HideDotFiles parameter, A:68
history Tcl function, T:211
Hit lists, A:156
Home directory, A:63
for a user, A:108
Home parameter, A:63
Hostname parameter, A:29, A:83, A:85
enabling lookup from IP address, A:79, A:83
for SSL, A:85
for nsadmin user, A:125
HP/UX platform
compiling C code on, C:6
multiple IP addresses for, A:42
threads interface, C:31
see also Server-parsed HTML
HTTP complete response
C functions for, C:25
Tcl example of, T:13
HTTP headers, G:27
C functions for, C:25
Tcl example of, T:20, T:269
HTTP low-level connection
C functions for, C:27
HTTP simple response
C functions for, C:26
Tcl example of, T:275
HTTP_ACCEPT environment variable, G:21
HTTP_FROM environment variable, G:21
HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE environment variable, G:21
HTTP_REFERER environment variable, G:22
HTTP_USER_AGENT environment variable, G:22

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if Tcl function, T:214
If-Modified-Since headers
ignoring, A:67
Illustra database
backing up, A:143
maintenance of, A:142
restoring, A:145
used for full-text features, A:189
vacuuming, A:142
Illustra database driver, A:149
configuring, A:87
example configuration file, A:98
illustra parameter, A:87
Illustra proxy daemon, A:185
ImageURL display type, A:174
#include command, G:4
incr Tcl function, T:215
Increment, automatic, A:174
Index parameter, A:86
Indexes for columns, A:171
Indexing pages, A:86, A:189
info Tcl function, T:216
of permissions, A:117
of URLs in operations, C:2, T:2
InitScript parameter, A:77
InitSize parameter, A:93
InitUsers parameter, A:93
Input input type, A:173
Input type for column, A:173
Input widget for columns, A:173
INSERT statements for table data, A:182
Installation directory, A:63
for CGI, A:91
for Tcl, T:23
Interps parameter, A:72
IP addresses
for remote connect requests, A:81
for sockets, A:83
for SSL, A:85
lookup to hostname, A:79
lookup with DNS cache, A:63
multiple, A:42
IP addresseslookup to hostname, A:83
ISINDEX tag, G:18, G:20, G:23

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join Tcl function, T:219

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Keep-Alive connection support, A:19
KeepAlive parameter, A:84, A:85
KeyFile parameter, A:85

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lappend Tcl function, T:220
Large model
for access control, A:83
LASTMOD variable, G:9
format for, A:70
LAST_MODIFIED variable, G:7
Library parameter, A:77, T:6, T:25
library Tcl function, T:221
Light bulb icon
in setup server, A:32
lindex Tcl function, T:225
Linked interpreters for Tcl, T:23
running CGI programs with, G:18
linsert Tcl function, T:226
Linux platform
compiling C code on, C:7
multiple IP addresses for, A:43
threads interface, C:31
list Tcl function, T:227
ListenBacklog parameter, A:63, A:84, A:85
llength Tcl function, T:228
LocalDaemon parameter, A:89
Location header, G:28
Locking pages, A:68
LogCombined parameter, A:79
LogExpanded parameter, A:63
LogMaxBackup parameter, A:63
LogPid parameter, A:64
LogRefer parameter, A:79
LogRoll parameter, A:64
Logs. see Access log, Server log
LogServer parameter, A:64
LogTid parameter parameter, A:64
LogTime parameter, A:64
LogUserAgent parameter, A:79
lrange Tcl function, T:229
lreplace Tcl function, T:230
lsearch Tcl function, T:231
lsort Tcl function, T:232

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Mail. see Email
MailHost parameter, A:64
Mailto display type, A:174
Maintaining state, T:29
configuring, A:86
Tcl functions for, T:33
version 2.1 features, A:13
Illustra database, A:142
server, A:139
Map parameter, A:72, A:75, G:4
MaxBackup parameter, A:79, A:81
MaxHeaders parameter, A:69
MaxIdle parameter, A:90
MaxInput parameter, A:72
MaxLine parameter, A:69
MaxOpen parameter, A:91
MaxPost parameter, A:69
MaxStartThreads parameter, A:64
MaxStartWait parameter, A:64
MaxStopWait parameter, A:64
Maxthreads parameter, A:69
Memory allocation
C functions for, C:16
aliases for, A:127
deleting aliases for, A:129
updating aliases for, A:129
MIME icons
C functions for, C:28
configuration parameters, A:73
MIME types
C functions for, C:28
configuration parameters, A:73
configuring, A:54
default, A:73, A:74
for files with no extension, A:74
permissions for, A:118
MinThreadAge parameter, A:69
Minthreads parameter, A:69
MiParams parameter, A:88
MKDIR method, A:127
MkdirMode parameter, A:69
Model parameter, A:83
Modification date
including in a page, G:5, G:7, G:9
ModuleDirectory parameter, A:64
adding to virtual server, A:46
configuration parameters, A:77
definition of, A:26
diagram of, A:27
list of, A:26
see also individual module names
Money display type, A:175
Money input type, A:174
Money type for columns, A:174
Multi-homing. see Virtual servers
Multiple IP addresses, A:42
Multiple virtual servers
example configuration file, A:95
C functions for, C:30
maximum number of threads, A:69
minimum number of threads, A:69
minimum thread lifetime, A:69
number of threads to start server with, A:64
SGI IRIX configuration, A:92
Tcl functions for, T:34
thread stack size, A:65
vendor-specific, C:31
version 2.1 features, A:13
Windows NT configuration, A:63

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NCSA combined log format, A:79
Newlines in Tcl, T:170
NoExtension parameter, A:74
Non-parsed header for CGI, A:72
NotFoundResponse parameter, A:69
NoticeBackground parameter, A:70
NoticeBgColor parameter, A:70
ns.h header file, C:5
Ns_AbsoluteUrl C function, C:40
ns_accesslog Tcl function, T:38
example of, T:118
nsadmin user
and access control, A:105
valid hosts for, A:125
ns_adminlink Tcl function, T:39
Ns_AllocThreadLocalStorage C function, C:41
ns_archivetable Tcl function, T:40
ns_atshutdown Tcl function, T:41
ns_atsignal Tcl function, T:42
Ns_AuthorizeRequest C function, C:42
Ns_BeginDetachedThread C function, C:43
Ns_BeginThread C function, C:44
Ns_BroadcastEvent C function, C:45
ns_buildsqldate Tcl function, T:43
ns_buildsqltime Tcl function, T:44
ns_buildsqltimestamp Tcl function, T:45
ns_calloc C function, C:46
Ns_ClearSockErrno C function, C:47
ns_column Tcl function, T:46
example of, T:17, T:278
ns_config Tcl function, T:47
example of, T:279, T:280, T:281
Ns_ConfigGetBool C function, C:48
Ns_ConfigGetInt C function, C:49
example of, C:327
Ns_ConfigGetPath C function, C:50
example of, C:310, C:311, C:318, C:327
Ns_ConfigGetSection C function, C:51
example of, C:311
Ns_ConfigGetSections C function, C:52
Ns_ConfigGetValue C function, C:53
example of, C:311, C:318
Ns_ConfigGetValueExact C function, C:54
ns_conn authdata Tcl function, A:11
ns_conn content Tcl function, A:11
Ns_Conn structure, C:20
ns_conn Tcl function, T:48
example of, T:12, T:21, T:269, T:276, T:277, T:281, T:282
maximum HTTP POST size, A:69
Ns_ConnAuthPasswd C function, C:55
Ns_ConnAuthUser C function, C:56
Ns_ConnClose C function, C:57
Ns_ConnCondSetHeaders C function, C:58
Ns_ConnContentLength C function, C:59
Ns_ConnCopyToDString C function, C:60
Ns_ConnCopyToFile C function, C:61
Ns_ConnDriverContext C function, C:62
Ns_ConnDriverName C function, C:63
Ns_ConnFlushHeaders C function, C:64
example of, C:322
Ns_ConnGetQuery C function, C:65
maximum HTTP POST size, A:69
Ns_ConnGets C function, C:66
Ns_ConnHeaders C function, C:67
Ns_ConnHost C function, C:68
Ns_ConnLocation C function, C:69
Ns_ConnModifiedSince C function, C:70
Ns_ConnPeer C function, C:71
Ns_ConnPort C function, C:72
Ns_ConnPrintfHeader C function, C:73
Ns_ConnPuts C function, C:74
Ns_ConnRead C function, C:75
Ns_ConnReadLine C function, C:76
Ns_ConnReplaceHeaders C function, C:77
Ns_ConnResponseLength C function, C:78
example of, C:328
Ns_ConnResponseStatus C function, C:79
Ns_ConnReturnAdminNotice C function, C:80
Ns_ConnReturnBadRequest C function, C:81
example of, C:321
Ns_ConnReturnFile C function, C:82
Ns_ConnReturnForbidden C function, C:83
Ns_ConnReturnHtml C function, C:84
example of, C:307
Ns_ConnReturnInternalError C function, C:85
example of, C:321
Ns_ConnReturnNoResponse C function, C:86
Ns_ConnReturnNotFound C function, C:87
Ns_ConnReturnNotice C function, C:88
example of, C:330
Ns_ConnReturnNotImplemented C function, C:89
Ns_ConnReturnNotModified C function, C:90
Ns_ConnReturnOk C function, C:91
Ns_ConnReturnOpenFd C function, C:92
Ns_ConnReturnOpenFile C function, C:93
Ns_ConnReturnRedirect C function, C:94
Ns_ConnReturnStatus C function, C:95
Ns_ConnReturnUnauthorized C function, C:96
Ns_ConnSendFd C function, C:97
Ns_ConnSendFp C function, C:98
Ns_ConnServer C function, C:99
example of, C:320
Ns_ConnSetExpiresHeader C function, C:100
Ns_ConnSetHeaders C function, C:101
Ns_ConnSetLastModifiedHeader C function, C:102
Ns_ConnSetLengthHeader C function, C:103
Ns_ConnSetRequiredHeaders C function, C:104
example of, C:322
Ns_ConnSetTypeHeader C function, C:105
Ns_ConnWrite C function, C:106
example of, C:323
ns_cp Tcl function, T:50
ns_cpfp Tcl function, T:51
ns_critsec Tcl function, T:52
ns_crypt Tcl function, T:53
nsd command line, A:6, A:7, A:28
nsd.ini file. see Configuration file
ns_db Tcl function, T:54
example of, T:17, T:18, T:277, T:279
Ns_Db0or1Row C function, C:107
Ns_Db1Row C function, C:108
Ns_DbAddColumnInfo C function, C:109
example of, C:344
Ns_DbBestRowId C function, C:110
Ns_DbBindRow C function, C:111
Ns_DbCancel C function, C:112
Ns_DbCloseDb C function, C:113
Ns_DbColumName C function, C:116
Ns_DbColumnCount C function, C:114
Ns_DbColumnIndex C function, C:115
Ns_DbColumnType C function, C:117
Ns_DbColumnValue C function, C:118
ns_dbconfigpath Tcl function, T:57
example of, T:279
Ns_DbDML C function, C:119
Ns_DbDriverName C function, C:120, C:138
example of, C:346
Ns_DbDup C function, C:121
ns_dberrorcode Tcl function, T:58
ns_dberrormsg Tcl function, T:58
Ns_DbExec C function, C:122
Ns_DbFlush C function, C:123
ns_dbformvalue Tcl function, T:59
ns_dbformvalueput Tcl function, T:60
Ns_DbFreeTableInfo C function, C:124
example of, C:344
Ns_DbGetRow C function, C:125
example of, C:345
Ns_DbGetTableInfo C function, C:126
Ns_DbInitialized C function, C:127
Ns_DbNewTableInfo C function, C:128
example of, C:344
Ns_DbOpenDb C function, C:129, C:140
Ns_DbPoolAllowable C function, C:130
Ns_DbPoolDescription C function, C:131
Ns_DbPoolGetHandle C function, C:132, C:133
Ns_DbPoolGetMultipleHandles C function, C:133
Ns_DbPoolList C function, C:134
Ns_DbPoolPutHandle C function, C:135
ns_dbquotename Tcl function, T:61
Ns_DbQuoteValue C function, C:136
ns_dbquotevalue Tcl function, T:62
Ns_DbRegisterDriver C function, C:137
example of, C:338
Ns_DbReturnError C function, C:138
ns_dbreturnerror Tcl function, T:58
Ns_DbSelect C function, C:139
example of, C:344, C:345
Ns_DbSetException C function, C:140
Ns_DbTableDescription C function, C:141
Ns_DbTableExists C function, C:142
Ns_DbTableList C function, C:143
Ns_DbTableName C function, C:144
Ns_DbTableValue C function, C:145
Ns_DecodeUrl C function, C:146
ns_deleterow Tcl function, T:63
Ns_DestroyCriticalSection C function, C:147
Ns_DestroyEvent C function, C:148
Ns_DestroyMutex C function, C:149
example of, C:331
Ns_DestroySemaphore C function, C:150
nsdp command line, A:7
Ns_DString structure, C:19
Ns_DStringAppend C function, C:151
example of, C:313, C:315, C:318, C:321, C:322, C:330, C:334, C:340, C:345
Ns_DStringExport C function, C:152
example of, C:311, C:319
Ns_DStringFree, C:319
Ns_DStringFree C function, C:153
example of, C:312, C:313, C:319, C:321, C:323, C:330, C:335, C:341, C:344
Ns_DStringInit C function, C:154
example of, C:311, C:312, C:318, C:321, C:330, C:334, C:340, C:344, C:345
Ns_DStringLength C function, C:155
Ns_DStringNAppend C function, C:156
example of, C:341, C:346
Ns_DStringPrintf C function, C:157
example of, C:322, C:330
Ns_DStringTrunc C function, C:158
example of, C:312
Ns_DStringValue C function, C:159
Ns_DStringVarAppend C function, C:160
example of, C:311, C:313, C:330, C:344
Ns_EncodeUrl C function, C:162
Ns_Encrypt C function, C:163
Ns_EnterCriticalSection C function, C:164
example of, C:335
ns_entryform Tcl function, T:64
ns_entrywidget Tcl function, T:65
ns_entrywidgetbytype Tcl function, T:66
ns_eval Tcl function, T:67
ns_event Tcl function, T:68
ns_ext Tcl function, T:69
Ns_Fatal C function, C:165
Ns_FetchPage C function, C:166
Ns_FetchURL C function, C:167
ns_findrowbyid Tcl function, T:71
ns_formvalueput Tcl function, T:72
ns_free C function, C:168
example of, C:316, C:331, C:340
Ns_GetHostByAddr C function, C:170
Ns_GetMimeType C function, C:222
Ns_GetRequest C function, C:171
Ns_GetSockErrno C function, C:172
Ns_GetThread C function, C:173
Ns_GetThreadId C function, C:174
Ns_GetThreadLocalStorage C function, C:175
ns_geturl Tcl function, T:73
Ns_GetUserHome C function, C:176
example of, C:315
ns_group Tcl function, T:74
ns_guesstype Tcl function, T:75
ns_hiliteurl Tcl function, T:77
Ns_HomePath C function, C:177
ns_hostbyaddr Tcl function, T:78
ns_hrefs Tcl function, T:79
ns_htmlselect Tcl function, T:80
ns_htmltoquery Tcl function, T:81
ns_httpget Tcl function, T:82
ns_httpopen Tcl function, T:83
Ns_HttpTime C function, C:178
ns_ill Tcl function, T:84
ns_info Tcl function, T:85
example of, T:15, T:281
Ns_InfoConfigFile C function, C:179
Ns_InfoHomePath C function, C:180
Ns_InfoServerName C function, C:181
Ns_InfoServerVersion C function, C:182
Ns_InitializeCriticalSection C function, C:183
example of, C:334
Ns_InitializeEvent C function, C:184
Ns_InitializeMutex C function, C:185
example of, C:326
Ns_InitializeSemaphore C function, C:186
Ns_InitializeThreads C function, C:187
ns_insertrow Tcl function, T:87
nskill command line, A:6
Ns_LeaveCriticalSection C function, C:188
example of, C:335
ns_library Tcl function, T:88
ns_localsqltimestamp Tcl function, T:89
ns_localtime Tcl function, T:90
Ns_LockMutex C function, C:189
example of, C:328, C:329, C:330
Ns_Log C function, C:190
example of, C:311, C:312, C:313, C:314, C:315, C:319, C:328, C:331, C:338, C:339, C:341, C:345
nslog module
configuring, A:78
ns_log Tcl function, T:91
example of, T:283
Ns_LogRaw C function, C:191
Ns_LogTime C function, C:192
Ns_MakePath C function, C:193
example of, C:313
ns_malloc C function, C:194
example of, C:316, C:326, C:334, C:339
ns_method Tcl function, T:92
ns_mkdir Tcl function, T:93
ns_mktemp Tcl function, T:94
Ns_ModuleInit C function
example of, C:307, C:310, C:318, C:326, C:334
Ns_ModuleLoad C function, C:195
Ns_ModulePath C function, C:196
Ns_ModuleSymbol C function, C:197
ns_mutex Tcl function, T:95
example of, T:24
nsnlog module
configuring, A:78, A:81
Ns_NormalizePath C function, C:198
example of, C:311, C:319
ns_normalizepath Tcl function, T:97
ns_odbc Tcl function, T:98
Ns_PageRoot C function, C:199
example of, C:313
Ns_ParseRequest C function, C:200
ns_parsesqldate Tcl function, T:99
ns_parsesqltime Tcl function, T:100
ns_parsesqltimestamp Tcl function, T:101
ns_parsetime Tcl function, T:102
ns_passwordcheck Tcl function, T:103
Ns_PathIsAbsolute C function, C:198, C:201
example of, C:313
nsperm module, A:106
configuring, A:78, A:82
ns_perm Tcl function, T:104
ns_pooldescription Tcl function, T:107
Ns_QuoteHtml C function, C:202
ns_quotehtml Tcl function, T:108
ns_realloc C function, C:203
Ns_RegisterAtExit C function, C:204
ns_register_proc Tcl function, T:109
example of, T:10, T:11, T:268, T:269, T:270, T:275, T:277, T:279, T:281
Ns_RegisterRequest C function, C:205
example of, C:307, C:319, C:327
Ns_RegisterServerShutdown C function, C:206
example of, C:327
Ns_RegisterServerTrace C function, C:207
example of, C:327
Ns_RegisterShtmlCmd C function, C:208
Ns_RegisterShutdown C function, C:210
ns_register_trace Tcl function, T:110
Ns_RelativeUrl C function, C:211
Ns_ReleaseSemaphore C function, C:212
Ns_Request structure, C:20
ns_requestauthorize Tcl function, T:111
Ns_RequestFree C function, C:169
ns_respond Tcl function, T:113
example of, T:15, T:275
ns_return Tcl function, T:114
example of, T:11, T:15, T:268, T:269, T:270, T:271, T:273, T:276, T:283
ns_returnbadrequest Tcl function
example of, T:17, T:277, T:278
Ns_ReturnError C function, C:213
ns_returnerror Tcl function
example of, T:283
ns_returnnotfound Tcl function
example of, T:281
ns_returnnotice Tcl function
example of, T:17, T:278, T:279
ns_returnredirect Tcl function
example of, T:15, T:276, T:283
ns_rmdir Tcl function, T:117
Ns_RollFile C function, C:214
Ns_ScheduleDaily C function, C:215
ns_schedule_daily Tcl function, T:118
Ns_ScheduleProc C function, C:216
example of, C:327
ns_schedule_proc Tcl function, T:119
Ns_ScheduleProcEx C function, C:217
Ns_ScheduleWeekly C function, C:218
ns_schedule_weekly Tcl function, T:120
ns_searchform Tcl function, T:121
ns_searchopwidget Tcl function, T:122
ns_searchqbf Tcl function, T:123
ns_sema Tcl function, T:124
ns_sendmail Tcl function, T:125
SMTP server for, A:64
ns_server Tcl function, T:126
Ns_ServerGetContentFileCreationMode C function, C:219
Ns_ServerGetCustomErrorResponse C function, C:220
Ns_ServerGetMimeIcon C function, C:221
Ns_ServerSetDefaultMimeType C function, C:223
Ns_ServerSetNoExtensionMimeType C function, C:224
Ns_ServerSpecificAlloc C function, C:225
example of, C:310
Ns_ServerSpecificDestroy C function, C:226
Ns_ServerSpecificGet C function, C:227
Ns_ServerSpecificSet C function, C:228
Ns_ServerUpdateMimeType C function, C:229
Ns_Set structure, C:17
version 2.1 features, A:16
ns_set structure, T:19, T:20
ns_set Tcl function, T:128
example of, T:10, T:12, T:21, T:269, T:271, T:273, T:274, T:275, T:282
Ns_SetCopy C function, C:230
Ns_SetCreate C function, C:231
example of, C:344
Ns_SetDelete C function, C:232
Ns_SetDeleteKey C function, C:154, C:233
Ns_SetEvent C function, C:234
Ns_SetFind C function, C:235
Ns_SetFree C function, C:236
Ns_SetGet C function, C:237
Ns_SetIDeleteKey C function, C:238
Ns_SetIFind C function, C:239
Ns_SetIGet C function, C:240
Ns_SetIUnique C function, C:241
Ns_SetKey C function, C:242
Ns_SetLast C function, C:243
Ns_SetListFind C function, C:244
Ns_SetListFree C function, C:245
Ns_SetMerge C function, C:246
Ns_SetMove C function, C:247
Ns_SetName C function, C:248
Ns_SetPrint C function, C:249
Ns_SetPut C function, C:250
example of, C:342, C:344
Ns_SetPutValue C function, C:251
example of, C:343
Ns_SetRequestAuthorizeProc C function, C:252
Ns_SetSize C function, C:253
example of, C:311
Ns_SetSockErrno C function, C:254
Ns_SetSplit C function, C:255
Ns_SetThreadLocalStorage C function, C:256
Ns_SetThreadPriority C function, C:257
Ns_SetThreadStackSize C function, C:258
Ns_SetTrunc C function, C:259
Ns_SetUnique C function, C:260
Ns_SetUrlToFileProc C function, C:261
example of, C:311
Ns_SetValue C function, C:262
example of, C:311
ns_shutdown Tcl function, T:131
Ns_SignalServer C function, C:263
Ns_SkipUrl C function, C:264
example of, C:320
ns_sleep Tcl function, T:132
nssock module
configuring, A:40, A:78, A:83
ns_sockaccept Tcl function, T:133
Ns_SockAsyncConnect C function, C:265
Ns_SockCallback C function, C:266
ns_sockcallback Tcl function, T:134
ns_sockcheck Tcl function, T:135
example of, T:138
Ns_SockCloseLater C function, C:268
Ns_SockConnect C function, C:269
Ns_SockListen C function, C:270
ns_socklisten Tcl function, T:136
ns_sockopen Tcl function, T:137
example of, T:138
Ns_SockPipe C function, C:271
ns_sockselect Tcl function, T:138
Ns_SockSetBlocking C function, C:273
Ns_SockSetNonBlocking C function, C:274
Ns_SockStrError C function, C:275
Ns_SockTimedConnect C function, C:276
nsssl module
configuring, A:78, A:84
requesting via email, A:131
ns_state_delete Tcl function, T:141
ns_state_restore Tcl function, T:142
ns_state_save Tcl function, T:143
ns_state_view, T:144
ns_strcopy C function, C:277
ns_strdup C function, C:278
ns_striphtml Tcl function, T:145
ns_table info Tcl function, A:11
ns_table Tcl function, T:146
example of, T:277
ns_tablename Tcl function, A:11
ns_tablevalue Tcl function, A:11
#nstcl command, G:5
Ns_TclDbGetHandle C function, C:279
example of, C:346
Ns_TclDeAllocateInterp C function, C:280
and linked interpreters, T:24
Ns_TclEnterSet C function, C:281
Ns_TclEval C function, C:282
Ns_TclFreeSet C function, C:283
Ns_TclGetSet C function, C:284
Ns_TclGetSet2 C function, C:285
Ns_TclInitInterps C function, C:286
example of, C:327, C:332, C:334, C:347
nstext module, A:52
configuring, A:78, A:86
ns_textarchive Tcl function, T:147
ns_textconfigpath Tcl function, T:148
ns_texthandlepool Tcl function, T:149
ns_textindex Tcl function, T:150
ns_texttable Tcl function, T:151
ns_thread Tcl function, T:152
Ns_ThreadYield C function, C:287
Ns_TimedWaitForEvent C function, C:288
ns_tmpnam Tcl function, T:154
ns_unlink Tcl function, T:155
example of, T:283
Ns_UnlockMutex C function, C:289
example of, C:328, C:329, C:330
ns_unregister_proc Tcl function, T:156
Ns_UnRegisterRequest C function, C:290
Ns_UnscheduleProc C function, C:291
ns_unschedule_proc Tcl function, T:157
ns_upaterow Tcl function, T:159
ns_updateform Tcl function, T:158
ns_updaterowbyid Tcl function, T:160
ns_url2file Tcl function, T:161
ns_urldecode Tcl function, T:162
ns_urlencode Tcl function, T:163
Ns_UrlIsDir C function, C:292
Ns_UrlIsMiniWeb C function, C:293, C:294
Ns_UrlSpecificAlloc C function, C:295
Ns_UrlSpecificDestroy C function, C:296
Ns_UrlSpecificGet C function, C:297
example of, C:312, C:313
Ns_UrlSpecificGetExact C function, C:298
Ns_UrlSpecificSet C function, C:299
example of, C:311, C:312
Ns_UrlToFile C function, C:300
example of, C:321
Ns_UrlToNvd C function, C:301
ns_user Tcl function, T:164
Ns_WaitForEvent C function, C:302
Ns_WaitForSemaphore C function, C:303
Ns_WaitForThread C function, C:304
ns_write Tcl function, T:166
example of, T:15
ns_writecontent Tcl function, T:167
example of, T:281
Numeric fields
in search forms, A:155
NumInterps parameter, A:77

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ODBC database driver, A:149
configuring, A:87
example configuration file, A:98
odbc parameter, A:87
open Tcl function, T:233
OpenMax parameter, A:64
arguments, C:1, T:1
data, C:2, T:2
for automatically-generated forms, A:152
for managing form data, A:151
registering, C:1, T:1
URL inheritance, C:2, T:2
Order by widgets on search results, A:163
Order of evaluation for Tcl scripts, T:25
Ousterhout, Dr. John K., T:5, T:169

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PageRoot parameter, A:44, A:70
archiving, A:86, A:189, A:195
assets for, A:67
AutoLinking, A:189
backing up, A:139
directory, A:70
indexing, A:86, A:189
locking, A:68
permissions for, A:118
restoring, A:195
searchable, A:86
searching, A:190
synchronizing with database, A:140
Pages directory
setting location of, A:44
Pagetcl example
in Tcl, T:273
Param parameter, A:89
Parsed HTML. see Server-parsed HTML
for database, A:91
for setup server, A:66
for user, A:110
Password parameter, A:30, A:49, A:66, A:91
PATH_INFO environment variable, G:22
PATH_TRANSLATED environment variable, G:22
Permissions, A:116
default, A:106, A:117
deleting, A:123
inheritance, A:117
nsadmin, A:125
setting, A:117, A:118, A:120
tables, A:178
updating, A:123
Permissions. see Access control
pid Tcl function, T:235
PidFile parameter, A:64
accessible by virtual server, A:73
adding, A:48
available, A:89
C functions for, C:35
configuring, A:87, A:89
connections to, A:19, A:24, A:90, A:91
default for virtual server, A:73
definition of, A:24
diagram of, A:25
example configuration file for, A:98
for full-text module, A:86
Pools parameter, A:50, A:73
Port parameter, A:30, A:40, A:66, A:81, A:84, A:85
POST data
for operations, C:2
POST method, A:127
Postgres example
in C, C:336
Private key for SSL, A:85, A:131, A:133
Private Tcl directory, T:25
proc Tcl function, T:236
Proxy daemons, A:185
remote, A:187
pthread interface, C:31
Public key for SSL, A:131, A:133
PUT data
for operations, C:2
PUT method, A:127
puts Tcl function, T:237
pwd Tcl function, T:238

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QUERY_STRING environment variable, G:23
Quick start setup, A:29
Quotes in Tcl, T:170

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Radio field for columns, A:173
Radio input type, A:173
RadioOrNULL input type, A:173
read Tcl function, T:239
ReceiveBufferSize parameter, A:84, A:86
Record display type, A:175
Redirect example
in Tcl, T:275
regexp Tcl function, T:240
Registered operations, C:1, T:1
C functions for, C:23
Tcl functions for, T:41, T:42, T:109, T:110
regsub Tcl function, T:243
ReinitScript parameter, A:77
Remote database proxy daemons, A:187
REMOTE_ADDR environment variable, G:24
REMOTE_HOST environment variable, G:24
RemoteHost parameter, A:89
RemotePort parameter, A:89
REMOTE_USER environment variable, G:24
rename Tcl function, T:244
Request procedure example
in Tcl, T:270, T:277
REQUEST_METHOD environment variable, G:24
Restarting the server, A:31
return Tcl function, T:245
Returning content to client example
in Tcl, T:13
RollDay parameter, A:80
RollFmt parameter, A:80
RollHour parameter, A:80
RollOnSignal parameter, A:80, A:81
root user
running server as, A:62

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scan Tcl function, T:247
Scheduled procedures
C example of, C:324
C functions for, C:29
interval for checking, A:62
Tcl functions for, T:33
version 2.1 features, A:12, A:16
SCRIPT_NAME environment variable, G:24
Search forms, A:155
example of, A:151, A:155
form data for, T:21
results for, A:156
templates for, A:194
Search results, A:156
delete button on, A:163
links to update forms, A:163
multiple sort levels for, A:163
templates for, A:164, A:194
Searchable parameter, A:86, A:190
Searching pages, A:86, A:190
for CGI programs, G:29
seek Tcl function, T:250
Select input type, A:173
Selection box for column, A:173
SelectOrNULL input type, A:173
SelectSQL input type, A:173
SelectSQLorNULL input type, A:173
Semicolons in Tcl, T:170
SendBufferSize parameter, A:84, A:86
SendMaxSize parameter, A:84
Server log
backing up, A:141
configuration for, A:63, A:64
debug messages in, A:63, A:83, A:85
file specification for, A:65
viewing, A:35
ServerInternalErrorResponse parameter, A:70
ServerLog parameter, A:65
SERVER_NAME environment variable, G:25
Server-parsed HTML, G:1
C functions for, C:38
configuration parameters, A:75
configuring, G:2
example, G:8
mappings for, A:75
sending source for, G:11
tags, G:3
variables for, G:7
version 2.1 features, A:17, A:18
SERVER_PORT environment variable, G:25
SERVER_PROTOCOL environment variable, G:25
Servers. see Virtual servers
Server-side includes, G:4
SERVER_SOFTWARE environment variable, G:25
Server-specific data
C functions for, C:30
set Tcl function, T:251
example of, T:271
Setup server, A:27
accessing, A:27
accessing when no virtual servers are defined, A:29
accessing when server startup fails, A:28, A:33
configuration parameters, A:66
configuring, A:37
continuing after error, A:66
diagram of, A:28
editing configuration file sections, A:33
enabling, A:66
error-checking for, A:32, A:33
help for, A:32
password for, A:66
port number for, A:66
quick start, A:29
standard, A:30
tutorials for, A:36
version 2.1 features, A:18
viewing basic or advanced parameters, A:32
SGI IRIX platform
command line for, A:7
compiling C code on, C:6
multiple IP addresses for, A:42
sproc-based threads configuration, A:92
threads interface, C:31
Shared files between Tcl interpreters, T:24
Shared library module
extending AOLserver with, C:3, C:5
Shared Tcl directory, T:25
SharedLibrary parameter, A:77, T:6, T:25
Shell script
including results in a page, G:4
Show headers example
in Tcl, T:269
Shutdown procedures
registering C functions for, C:3
rolling access log on, A:80, A:81
sending to the server, A:6
sending to the server, A:6
Size of file
including in a page, G:5
SizePerUser parameter, A:93
Small model
for access control, A:83
SMTP server, A:64
Sockets interface
C functions for, C:29
maximum bytes to send, A:84
number of connections for, A:84
Tcl functions for, T:33
version 2.1 features, A:13, A:17
Sockets module. see nssock module
Solaris platform
compiling C code on, C:6
multiple IP addresses for, A:42
threads interface, C:31
Sort levels on search results, A:163
Source for Server-parsed HTML, G:11
source Tcl function, T:252
Spaces in Tcl, T:170
split Tcl function, T:253
C functions for, C:37
definition of, A:150
downloading for table data, A:181
executing, A:184
for column values, A:173
for table definition, A:180
Tcl example of, T:16, T:18, T:279
see also Database services
SSL, A:131
export restrictions on, A:131
installation and configuration, A:132
requirements for, A:131
using, A:137
SSL module. see nsssl module
StackSize parameter, A:65
Standard input
as CGI input, G:26
Standard output
from CGI, G:26
State data, maintaining, T:29
configuring, A:86
Tcl functions for, T:33
version 2.1 features, A:13
Statistics example
in C, C:9, C:324
Status header, G:28
Storage and retrieval
C functions for, C:30
strftime formats, G:6
string Tcl function, T:254
switch Tcl function, T:256
Sybase proxy daemon, A:185

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C functions for, C:37
creating, A:159
customizing, A:162
deleting, A:176
description, A:163
downloading data for, A:181
entering data into, A:178
extending, A:175
permissions for, A:178
searching, A:177
SQL definition of, A:180
uploading data for, A:182
Tcl and the Tk Toolkit, T:169
client debugging, T:30
configuration parameters, A:76
examples for, T:8
examples of, T:20, T:267
function categories, T:31
function reference, T:37
linked interpreters, T:23
maintaining state, T:29, T:33
shared files, T:24
Tcl-only modules, T:26, T:29
tutorial, T:8
using, T:1, T:2, T:5
version 2.1 features, A:11
Tcl extension example
in C, C:332, C:333
Tcl language
book about, T:169
reference for, T:169
syntax for, T:170
variables used by, T:258
Tcl scripts
backing up, A:142
binding to URLs, T:6
creating, T:6
directories for, T:6, T:25
editing, T:7, T:19, T:26
executing with Server-parsed HTML, G:5
extending AOLserver with, T:2
for access control, A:106
for automatically-generated forms, A:157
in pages directory, T:6
initializing, T:7, T:25
order of evaluation, T:25, T:27
private directory for, A:77
run at startup, A:77
run before each script, A:77
shared directory for, A:77
testing, T:19
Tcl_AppendResult C function
example of, C:329, C:346, C:347
Tcl_CreateCommand C function
example of, C:329, C:332, C:335, C:347
Tcl-only modules, T:26, T:29
Tcl_SetResult C function
example of, C:346
tell Tcl function, T:260
for automatically-generated forms and results pages, A:164
for full text forms, A:194
Text fields
in search forms, A:155
Textarea input type, A:173
Textarea widget for columns, A:173
Threads interface
C functions for, C:30
maximum number of threads, A:69
minimum number of threads, A:69
minimum thread lifetime, A:69
number of threads to start server with, A:64
SGI IRIX configuration, A:92
Tcl functions for, T:34
thread stack size, A:65
vendor-specific, C:31
version 2.1 features, A:13
Windows NT configuration, A:63
Time tcl function, T:261
TimeOut parameter, A:84, A:87
current, G:7
format in SHTML, G:6
Greenwich Mean Time, G:7
C example of, C:324
registering C functions for, C:3
TrailerFindEnd parameter, A:70
TrailerFmt parameter, A:70
adding to pages, G:9
date/time format for, A:70
enabling HTML in, A:70
placement of, A:70
text for, A:70
TrailerText parameter, A:70
TrailerType parameter, A:70
Type checking
in forms, A:154
Type, for column input, A:173

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Uid parameter, A:65
Umask parameter, A:65
UnauthorizedResponse parameter, A:70
Unix platforms
command line for, A:7
directory permissions, A:69
file permissions, A:65, A:67
group name, A:63
group number, A:63
shared library modules, C:3, C:5
user name, A:65
user's home directory, C:176
see also specific platform names
unknown Tcl function, T:262
unset Tcl function, T:263
Update forms, A:153
delete button on, A:163
form data for, T:23
links from search results, A:163
using, A:154
Update results
templates for, A:164
uplevel Tcl function, T:264
Uploading table data, A:182
upvar Tcl function, T:265
URL to file translations
C example of, C:308
C functions for, C:24
configuring, A:55, A:71
default files for, A:67
subdirectory for ~username URLs, A:70
binding to C functions, C:1
binding to Tcl scripts, T:1, T:6
C functions for, C:24
default file for, A:67
for "Not Found" response, A:69
for "Unauthorized" status, A:70
for automatically-generated forms, A:152
for internal server errors, A:70
for managing form data, A:151
in column value, A:174
inheritance for registered operations, C:2, T:2
running CGI programs with, G:18
setting permissions for, A:118
URL-specific data
C functions for, C:30
UseAppLicenseKeys parameter, A:88
User ID, A:65
User parameter, A:30, A:49, A:65, A:91
UserMapDir parameter, A:70
conflicts with aliasing, A:57
database, A:91
Unix user, A:65
Users, A:106
adding, A:106
deleting, A:109
home directory for, A:108
password for, A:107, A:110
updating, A:111

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Variable substitution in Tcl, T:171
Variables used by Tcl, T:258
Verbose parameter, A:71, A:91
VeriSign Digital ID certificate, A:132, A:134
Version 2.1 features, A:9
Virtual servers
accessing database pools from, A:49
adding, A:38
adding module to, A:46
configuration parameters, A:66
configuring, A:38
default capabilities for, A:25
default pool for, A:73
definition of, A:24
diagram of, A:25, A:27, A:28
example configuration file for, A:95
name of, A:66
optional modules for, A:26
pools accessible by, A:73
setting port or address for, A:40

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Webmaster parameter, A:71
while Tcl function, T:266
White space in Tcl, T:170
WinCGI example
in Tcl, T:280
Windows NT platform
command line for, A:6
compiling C code on, C:7
DLLs, C:3, C:5
multiple IP addresses for, A:42
threads interface, C:31

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