Documentation for our re-implemented and improved
ns_table for AOLserver 3.0 and later



Find information about columns of tables in the database


ns_table bestrowid dbhandle table

ns_table exists dbhandle table

ns_table list dbhandle

ns_table listall dbhandle

ns_table listwithfkeys dbhandle ?pattern? ?numOfKeys?

ns_table fkeymap dbhandle table

ns_table value dbhandle table key


Each of these functions requires a database handle for the dbhandle argument and a table name for the table argument. Use ns_db gethandle to get a database handle.

ns_table bestrowid returns a list of the column names that uniquely identify a row in the specified table.

ns_table exists returns 1 (one) if the specified table exists in the specified database and 0 (zero) if it does not.

ns_table list returns a list of all the non-system tables in the specified database, including views.

ns_table listall returns a list of all tables in the specified database, including views and system tables.

ns_table listwithfkeys returns a list of all the non-system tables in the specified database with at least minNumOfKeys and at most maxNumOfKeys foreign keys (default is any number of keys). For instance:

ns_table listwithfkeys $db {3 5}returns all non-system tables with 3 to 5 foreign keys.
ns_table listwithfkeys $db {"" 4}returns all non-system tables with at most 4 foreign keys.
ns_table listwithfkeys $db {2 ""}returns all non-system tables with at least 2 foreign keys (note that maxNumOfKeys is optional).

ns_table fkeymap returns a map where the key is the name of a foreign key column in the specified table and database and the value is a pair denoting the target table and column

ns_table value returns table information specified with the Customize Table page in Database Services. For example, key = "description" will return the table description.


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