Welcome to AOLserver.am.net

We have been developing AOLserver-based applications since 1995.

The purpose of this site is to share with the AOLserver community things that we've learned, some code we've written and to provide easy access to various documentation.  In addition we hope to start releasing our own Framework for AOLserver as open source pretty soon.  We've been working on it for almost 15 years now and it contains over 500 procs.

April 1, 2010

Sources and binaries for all our modules for AOLserver 4.5 are now available.  All modules have been updated to the new .so 'stub' loading mechanism in AOLserver 4.5 (i.e. each module consists of an .so and a .dll file even on Windows).  Binaries are now compiled with Visual Studio 2008.

Some new and improved modules:

September 15, 2007

A complete overhaul of this and our entire company web site.  A much better look, better navigation and better organization of content.  We've also taken the opportunity to release some new C and Tcl modules:

  • ADP Master Pages Tcl Module - implements ASP.NET 2.0-style Master Pages under AOLserver 4.0

  • URL Alias module - Implements the ability to map virtual url paths to any location on the filesystem (i.e. /long/path/outside/of/pageroot = c:/mydir) - this functionality was in AOLserver 2.1 and this module is a slightly modified version of an AOLserver 2.0 C module sample.

  • amattributes2set C module with these Tcl commands: am_attributes2set - takes a string like {a=b c='d' e="f" selected} and turns it into an ns_set; also am_unquotehtml and am_quotehtml



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