Code - Modules, Libraries, etc

Tcl Modules:
C Modules for AOLserver 4.x (some work with 3.x as well):
  • URL Alias module - Implements the ability to map virtual url paths to any location on the filesystem (i.e. /long/path/outside/of/pageroot = c:/mydir) - this functionality was in AOLserver 2.1 and this module is a slightly modified version of an AOLserver 2.0 C module sample.

  • amattributes2set C module with these Tcl commands: am_attributes2set - takes a string like {a=b c='d' e="f" selected} and turns it into an ns_set; also am_unquotehtml and am_quotehtml

  • NEW: ampools C and Tcl Module to manage pools and gzip compression in AOLserver 4.5

Browse AOLserver 4.x Sources - what we do is retrieve the syntax-highlighted sources from the CVS Browser at SourceForge and then do some post-processing to make it possible to navigate the sources as a set of hyperlinked documents, where clicking on any function being invoked takes you straight to the definition for the function throughout the entire AOLserver codebase.  We also find all the Tcl command definitions and allow you to quickly see the source for a particular Tcl command.  This is not a perfect process due to some conflicting local function names but for the most part it works and is very handy.

Older C modules for AOLserver 2.x and 3.x:
  • getHTTP Module - Implements a tcl command for downloading binary files - only really useful under Tcl 7.x

  • ASP-Style ADP Parser for AOLserver 3.x - Allows for HTML code placed outside of any <%, %> tags to be processed by Tcl - note that we don't actually recommend this style of writing ADP pages (i.e. partial Tcl statements). It was really just a side-effect of backporting ADPs to AOLserver 2.x but it can be handy if you are coming from an ASP background.  Note that in AOLserver 4.x, this mode is built-in and is known as singlescript.

  • AOLserver 2.1 ADP Module - Run ADP's in AOLserver 2.1. Based on the ADP code in AOLserver 3 beta 3


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