AOLserver and Tcl links - The Official AOLserver web site - this is hosted by SourceForge and provides access to the sources, bug tracking and the like, plus documentation

AOLserver Wiki - community site with a documentation improvement project in progress. - The Official Tcl web site. Here are some particularly useful resources:

Tcl packages (written in C, except TCLLIB) that we use:
  • TCLLIB - Tcl Standard Library Documentation

  • tDOM - DOM, XPath, XSLT, all very fast

  • TclCurl - HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, LDAP, you name it, client library

  • mkGeneric and mkTables - a number of useful utilities and list of lists manipulation (note that mkGeneric includes an undocumented lmirror C command which is equivalent in functionality and performance to Extral's list_reverse)

  • Extral - we just use these C commands: list_merge, list_unmerge, list_sub

  • Tcl Threading - currently we just use tsv

    • tsv is syntax compatible with AOLserver nsv but is process-wide, whereas nsv is virtual-server specific

    • thread - provides some mutex, etc. facilities that already exist in AOLserver but also allows for event-loop-oriented communication and channel passing between threads - this can be used with ns_conn channel in AOLserver 4.5.1+ for various long-running communication such as large file delivery or Comet-style browser data push.

    • tpool - implements pools of Tcl worker threads - not quite certain if there is any advantage of ns_job

    • ttrace - Trace-based interpreter initialization (used by NaviServer to lazy-load proc definitions into interpreters)

  • Windows-specific:

    • tCOM - access and implement Windows COM objects

    • TWAPI - Tcl Windows API Extension provides access to over 400 functions in the Windows API.

Philip Greenspun's AOLserver and Tcl resources.

Philip has made significant contributions to the AOLserver and Web Development communities. Most notably he wrote Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing, which happened to recommend our AOLserver hosting services ;-), designed and taught MIT's first Software Engineering course on Web development, convinced AOL to take AOLserver Open Source, and founded ArsDigita which created what ultimately became OpenACS - a sophisticated Open-Source toolkit for building community Websites based on AOLserver.

He co-wrote a nice Tcl tutorial - Tcl for Web Nerds.  Finally, check out the MIT book/course Software Engineering for Internet Applications he also co-wrote - not specific to Tcl or AOLserver but is a good introductory book/course on Web application development (includes a good 'get to the point' intro to HTML).


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