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Administrator's Guide

Part 1:
AOLserver Overview

Chapter 1 AOLserver Features
What is AOLserver?
AOLserver Administration Features
Database Services Features
Programming Interface Features
Chapter 2 Technical Overview
AOLserver Command Line
Directory Map
Chapter 3 New Features in Version 3.0
General Configuration Changes
Configuration File Changes
AOLserver Administration
Database Services

Part 2:
AOLserver Administration

Chapter 4 Configuration
AOLserver Configuration
Configuration File Structure
Configuration File Reference
The Parameters Section
The MIME Types Section
The Servers Sections
Database Drivers and Pools
CGI Interpreters and Environment
SGI IRIX Sproc-Based Threads
Example Configuration Files
Default Configuration File
Configuration for Multiple Database Pools
Configuration for Multiple IP Addresses
Chapter 5 Security Guidelines
High Priority Security Modifications
Setup Server nsadmin Password
Execution as Root
General nsadmin Passwords
Permission Settings
Tcl Evaluation
Recommended Security Modifications
AOLserver Version
Secure chroot Environment
Remote Editing of Content
Restricted Content
Tcl Library
Database Access
Setup Server Interface
Control Port Interface
Configuration File Permissions
Chapter 6 Server Administration
AOLserver's Control Port Interface
Configuring the Control Port Interface
Using the Control Port Interface
Administering AOLserver in the Control Port
Access Control
Users and Groups
Chapter 7 CGI Interface
What is CGI and How Does it Work?
Configuring CGI with AOLserver
How Web Pages Run CGI Programs
URLs that Run CGI Programs
Input to CGI Programs
Accessing Environment Variables
Accessing Standard Input
Output from CGI Programs
HTTP Headers
Sending HTML
Advice for CGI Programming
CGI Examples
Chapter 8 Maintenance
AOLserver Maintenance
Maintain the AOLserver Directories
Back Up the Pages Directory
Back Up the Access Log
Back Up the Server Log
Back Up the Tcl Scripts Directory
Back Up the bin Directory
Chapter 9 Database Access
What is a Database?
Databases and AOLserver
Internal vs. External Drivers
Available Database Drivers
Internal Database Drivers
Solid Database
External Database Drivers
Tcl Interface
Developing Database Drivers for AOLserver

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